German kitchens

German Kitchens

a combination of sophistication and innovation

A beautifully designed and quality kitchen not only enhances the overall appearance of your house but also inspires you to spend more time inside.

The History of German Kitchens

Germany has one of the oldest kitchen brands and designs in the entire world. They have had many years of experience and have gradually improved their kitchen designs.

German kitchens bring out a combination of sophistication and innovation. Over the years, many people have fallen in love with their ultra-modern features and their up-to-the-minute amenities.

German kitchens ideas
German kitchens ideas
German kitchens ideas

German manufacturers have an unmatched reputation for producing first-class and durable kitchen equipment.

One of the renowned manufacturers who has been in the industry for the longest is Poggenpohl, situated in Herford, east Westphalian town.

They started manufacturing full kitchens in 1892. Apart from this brand, other eminent brands like Eggersmann, which was started in 1908, Alno, founded in 1927, Leicht Kitchens, which began in 1928, and SieMatis, began in 1929.

Most of these brands were started during the time of Bauhaus and the Deutscher Werkbund

In 1926, Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky came up with a kitchen design known as Frankfurt kitchen. This came before the modern built-in kitchen. In this design, she arranged the equipment to maximize workflow.

After that in 1928, a kitchen with attached kitchen cabinets, a detached shoe cupboard, a table, a chair, and a sink was developed by Poggenpohl.

SieMatic in 1960, developed a kitchen that had joined handles. Such developments helped in determining the look of the present time kitchen. More top-quality and highly innovative designs have been created ever since. Close family members run many German kitchen companies and therefore have a strong culture which they pass on to different generations.

To this day

These companies still embrace the quality and craftsmanship which they observed when they started operating. German kitchen brands are now dominant in many world markets such as Europe, Asia, and U.SA.

Some of the reasons why German kitchens and brands have been in high demand include the fact that they have already made a name for themselves with their high-quality products. Some of their biggest have previously been Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and France. Recently, however, they have expanded their territories to the U.S, Russia, and China. In total, German kitchen brands export their commodities to more than 60 countries.

German kitchens